A brand new look to ELSA Dashboard 2.0 – Quality control at your fingertips!

Based on the invaluable feedback from our clients, ELSA has just released a brand new ELSA Dashboard 2.0. With a new look, ELSA aims to improve clients’ experience and helps them to manage the English training program more efficiently.

ELSA for Corporation is a world-class training program, proven to improve employee English speaking proficiency, work performance and drive business outcomes by 90% in 3 months.

ELSA Dashboard 2.0 aims to improve users’ experience. Easy to navigate data-structure

With ELSA Dashboard 2.0, administrators can quickly look for all training documents and information. This means administrators can see the average English level of the whole Corporation or the average English level of one department in just 3 seconds.

Having “time-clock” for your English training

One of the most common concerns, when Enterprises get introduced to ELSA for Corporate, is “How do I know my employees (or my students) are using ELSA and learning English?”

With ELSA Dashboard 2.0, we have entirely resolved this concern. ELSA Dashboard 2.0 lets administrators view individuals’ ELSA scores, their time spent on the ELSA app, and the number of lessons they have completed.

This improvement provides Corporations with more control over ELSA’s English Training Course’s effectiveness and no longer has to rely purely on ELSA and their employees’ commitment. Corporations will have a much more active approach to the training process. Hence, give out timely adjustments if needed and make sure that the investment will pay off.

With ELSA Dashboard 2.0, ELSA aims to support businesses to maximize their ROI on the Training course by improving employee English speaking proficiency, work performance and drive business outcomes. Hence, becoming the best choice in the Business English Training sector in Vietnam.

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an English pronunciation app that uses AI-powered speech recognition technology to teach English pronunciation skills. Our award-winning technology provides specific feedback on how to improve within seconds.

ELSA for Corporations is a world-class English training program.

Personalized learning paths: Our world-class linguists will tailor content to your business needs. We’ll give your employees an advantage by teaching the vocabulary and expressions that are most relevant to their daily work.

Real-time analytics: Access the status of your learning programs and stay up-to-date with your team through detailed reporting. With a suite of management tools available on our platform, you’ll be able to get insights that will drive your organization towards long-term growth.

Access to over 15,000 speaking lessons: We cover all critical speaking skills, including pronunciation, word stress, and intonation. We have over 120 topics, ranging from business English to casual conversation. Our content is easily accessible from any mobile device, so your team can practice with ease.