ELSA Corp. is a rising star startup founded in San Francisco with engineering office in Lisbon. Our vision is to enable everyone to speak foreign languages with full confidence, which helps to reach a better life and career opportunities.

Vu Van - Co-Founder - CEO

MBA & M.Ed @ Stanford Co-founded an app outsourcing agency 8yrs experience in international ops Engagement Manager, Booz & Co

Xavier Anguera - Co-Founder - CTO

PhD in Speech Processing, 15yrs experience/100+ papers. Previously a senior Speech Scientist at Telefonica research

Tia Gao - Product manager

MS Electrical Engineering @ Stanford. 30+ engineering publications. Former Google PM. YCombinator alum. Blogs about international cultures and startups.

Ganna Raboshchuk - Speech scientist

PhD in Audio Processing Passionate about humane applications of machine learning. Book worm and devoted yoga practitioner

Jorge Proença - Speech scientist

PhD in Speech Processing / University of Coimbra. Interested in language learning and proficiency assessment. Has a mean slice serve, less mean at board games

João Nuno - Full Stack

Applied Statistics / University of Lisbon Co-Created the Frappe Recommendation engine used by Mozilla Can hold his breath for almost 2 minutes

Nabil Shabab - Android

BE Information Technology at Cochin University. 7+yrs experience in developing android apps. Love helping people | executive member of a charity organization

Bruno Morgado - IOS

MSc Comp Sci @ Birkbeck, University of London. Software developer passionate about AI. Professional expat. Lived in 6 cities, 4 countries in 7 years

Sinan Shoukath - Android

BE Computer Science @ Cochin University Passionate Android Developer with 5+yrs experience . Music Lover | Technology explorer

Daniel Povey - Technical advisor

World-leading speech recognition expert PhD Speech Recognition (Cambridge) Prof @ Johns Hopkins University Creator of KALDI

Paul Meier - Speech advisor

World-class accent reduction coach 35+ yrs training executives and Hollywood stars. Founder of International Dialects of English Archive