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ELSA Corp. is a rising star startup founded in San Francisco with engineering office in Lisbon. Our vision is to enable everyone to speak foreign languages with full confidence, which helps to reach a better life and career opportunities.

MBA & M.Ed @ Stanford Co-founded an app outsourcing agency 8yrs experience in international ops Engagement Manager, Booz & Co

Vu Van

Co-Founder - CEO

PhD in Speech Processing, 15yrs experience/100+ papers. Previously a senior Speech Scientist at Telefonica research

Xavier Anguera

Co-Founder - CTO

MS Electrical Engineering @ Stanford. 30+ engineering publications. Former Google PM. YCombinator alum. Blogs about international cultures and startups.

Tia Gao

Product manager

PhD in Audio Processing Passionate about humane applications of machine learning. Book worm and devoted yoga practitioner

Ganna Raboshchuk

Speech scientist

PhD in Speech Processing / University of Coimbra. Interested in language learning and proficiency assessment. Has a mean slice serve, less mean at board games

Jorge Proença

Speech scientist

Applied Statistics / University of Lisbon Co-Created the Frappe Recommendation engine used by Mozilla Can hold his breath for almost 2 minutes

João Nuno

Full Stack

BE Information Technology at Cochin University. 7+yrs experience in developing android apps. Love helping people | executive member of a charity organization

Nabil Shabab


MSc Comp Sci @ Birkbeck, University of London. Software developer passionate about AI. Professional expat. Lived in 6 cities, 4 countries in 7 years

Bruno Morgado


BE Computer Science @ Cochin University Passionate Android Developer with 5+yrs experience . Music Lover | Technology explorer

Sinan Shoukath


World-leading speech recognition expert PhD Speech Recognition (Cambridge) Prof @ Johns Hopkins University Creator of KALDI

Daniel Povey

Technical advisor

World-class accent reduction coach 35+ yrs training executives and Hollywood stars. Founder of International Dialects of English Archive

Paul Meier

Speech advisor