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Full package English pronunciation course lifetime like native speakers at Elsa Speak Vietnam

– Self-conscious, nervous, or shy when communicating in English?
– Too busy to commit to a fixed time learning English by traditional methods?
– Left behind the trend of globalization, lost some career or business opportunities due to limited English communication skill?
– Want to “take backpack and go” but you are afraid to not communicate when abroad?
– Confidently speak English “like the wind”- clearly and well.
– Learning when you are free, at anywhere you want, with affordable price.
– Seeking career advancement opportunities; working for large companies or multinational corporations; increasing income from 48%-100%; selling or calling the capital on around the world.
– Traveling around the world, freely discover new lands across the five continents…
Do not be left behind, making your dream come true with Elsa Speak- the application that helps you to practice pronunciation like native speakers in the quickest time!
-Elsa stands for English Language Speech Assistant, which is the best application in the world to help you learn English like native speaker more effectively, more easily and more economically.
-Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI) of Elsa is exclusively developed for the purpose of guiding users to pronounce English.
-Elsa as your own native online tutor, ready to help you practice 24/7 with feedback and absolute guidance.
– The Elsa curriculum is designed world-class pronunciation instructors and results are proven, thus, with 10 minutes each day, Elsa will help your English skill improve rapidly
-Study with Elsa is very fun- learning that like playing, playing but still learning.
-ELSA students see significant improvements in just a few months: 90% clearer pronunciation, 68% speak more understand, 100% more confident.
1. Award
-First prize in the 2016 SXSWedu® Global Education Technology Competition sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation in USA.
-Had reached the top 8 apps with the highest total revenue on Android.
-Representatives from Vietnam join the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2016.
– Top 4 companies use AI (artificial intelligence technology) to change the world of Forbes.
2. The number of downloads: 4,507,000
3. The number of people use active
+ Worldwide: 3,657,000
+ In Vietnam: 1,737,000
– Hotline: 0888 790 235
– Website: https://elsaspeak.vn
– Email: contact@elsaspeak.vn
Why ELSA is the best application for you to learn to speak English?
– Discover the 800+ rich treasure of conversations, easy to remember, easy to apply for all levels.
– Conquering 21+ interesting and essential topics around the work; Business; Life; Travel; Love; Family; IELTS; Entertainment; Education;…
– Study with ELSA is very fun – learning that like playing, playing but still learning
– New lessons are updated regularly for free
– ELSA students see significant improvements in just a few months: 90% clearer pronunciation, 68% more intelligible, 100% more confident.
How Elsa help you speak English fluently?
– American English Pronunciation
ELSA is the best application in the world that lets you speak English like the Americans with artificial intelligence technology
– Free online dictionary
Free English Dictionary Online. Learn how to say any words you like such as pronounced words from Givenchy.
– Personalized curriculum
ELSA teaches you how to pronounce common idioms, American expressions, everyday conversations in English, and even fun and memorable lessons.
– Free evaluation test
Pass a test to detect your English level. ELSA can detect difficult sounds like “schwa” or “dipthong”.
Elsa works skimpily, just open the application, pronounce a word, Elsa will automatically analyze how well you pronounce the English language. The app will record native English speakers and foreigners. Then, the ELSA language experts will hear these statements to analyze what foreigners spoken in English sounded, what was wrong, what sound was correct, and the machine learning. At first the accuracy of the application is quite low; but thanks to the people who used it, the ELSA data system is further enriched. So, the accuracy is gradually improved.
Study routes with Elsa
1. Check out the free entry
Set up your own learning path
2. Choose your favorite subject
Speak according to the ELSA guidelines
3. Ten minutes each day
Repeat step 2, ten minutes each day, into the familiar time frame
4. Feel the new confidence
Capture more successful career opportunities! The ELSA curriculum is designed by world-class coaches and results are proven, so for only 10 minutes a day, ELSA will improve your English skills quickly. From now on you can practice pronunciation at home with the standard English speaking ELSA Speak! Please be hard work, your English pronunciation will improve clearly with this software.