Why should you speak English fluently?

When speaking, communicating English with others, it is important that they first pay attention not to your tone, grammar, vocabulary or slow speech, but to your pronunciation. But now many people mistakenly communicate in English is to say fast to the “West” or try to surf sound, swallow words for more “native” voice without knowing that when doing so, In general, your communication with the basic pronunciation errors are not worth it. So how to Speak English fluently

Difference between English communication and speak English fluently ?

Communication is “regardless of grammar, as long as you understand what each other wants to say.” You do not understand how people pronounce it. Do not understand each other, it can not be called communication. If you use simple structures, close vocabulary but you pronounce well, listeners still enjoy and catch your interest. In contrast, you not only use the superposition of complex structure, vocabulary is too diverse but also the sound is not like you make yourself a joke in the eyes of the opposite person, moreover, people are not Knowing what you say can not be answered, right?

Do not understand each other, it can not be called communication

Can you really speak English fluently as you think?

“Speak Fluent English” and “English communication” are two completely different things. Communicating English means you have the ability to speak good English but not sure you speak English fluently. Many English learners always think “I can communicate in English” because they can talk to other teachers and friends. Or, there are some misleading thoughts like “I do not want to learn the pronunciation. I just need to learn basic communication”. You are wrong in that:

  • Your teacher is so familiar with the wrong pronunciation, reading your distorted words so long you should hear, they still infer and understand your mind.
  • Friends or learners, they understand you because they themselves have pronunciation errors like you. Moreover, the conversations that you speak to each other are just short paragraphs, the content is simply not high, complicated.

“Speak Fluent English” and “English communication” are two completely different things

Standard pronunciation?
It can be divided into three levels:

  • The listener does not understand what you say.
  • The listener must be highly focused, have to infer or say it is difficult to grasp your idea.
  • Listeners fully understand your intentions easily. In this case, the listener should be native speaker rather than the learner as you or even the teacher teaching you the reasons mentioned above. When you reach this level, your pronunciation is good, phonetic, accent, and very clear intonation.

For the standard pronunciation, say much is true but not enough. Talking a lot helps you to practice your ability to reflect quickly, express better and faster but if you keep talking and forget about the practice of pronunciation is obvious in you will form bad habits and more wrong False while the habit is very difficult to fix. Then, you encounter another difficulty, in addition to the practice of pronunciation, you also have to work hard to correct the pronunciation errors. What should you avoid to practice and improve common pronunciation errors?

  • Speaking too fast: Many people think that speaking fast will be “Western” and can fill up some minor mistakes
  • Ignore consonants of words. Instead of pronouncing / test / – test, you re-pronounce it as / tes / or / tet /. And obviously, foreigners do not understand what you mean.
  • Wrong accents or lingering. Instead of proFESSion, you read into PROfession.
  • Unspecified sounds of similar sounds. Example: she – see, soul / show, heart / heard …
    With them, you will understand how communicative and how to communicate in English

For the standard pronunciation, say much is true but not enough

Nowadays there are many English applications, but for a while discouraged because most are lack of interactivity. Unlike other English learning applications. ElSA application focuses on the pronunciation of the user. According to the introduction of ELSA developed voice recognition function, and English pronunciation in accordance with American standards. You can listen to ELSA pronunciation and practice. The first word comes from the basic s / sh /, followed by a sentence with a stressed sentence.
ELSA – Your assistant in learning English

ELSA has an update with conversational patterns. You will hear a dialogue, after listening, you will pronounce in the sample sentences in the dialogue. At the end, you will receive your score, in the whole chunk of the voice. ELSA gives you the dialogue and you do the pronunciation.

When finished, ELSA lets you rehearse the words and sentences in the dialogue. ELSA really helps you to edit your own pronunciation, not everyone can sit for 15-20 minutes listening to your English pronunciation, and then edit your pronunciation. With ELSA you can easily hear your voice and importantly you have to be self-conscious and practice a lot.

If you are confident in your pronunciation, you can try out the ELSA to see how many points you can reach. Or do you need an English pronunciation program? Why do not you try ELSA?

With ELSA you can easily hear your voice and importantly you have to be self-conscious

and practice a lot

It is now easy to download ESLA from the Google Play Store, and ELSA for iOS has also been released on the App Store


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