English speaking apps for mobile help you study anywhere

Using english speaking app for mobile and three incredible benefits

There are many ways to master your English skills such as studying grammar, watching films. One of the best methods is using English speaking app for mobile.

Learning English is a wise investment so you can enhance your life and career in the integration period. But if you do not take the initiative to make English language live in your daily life, it is too difficult for you to learn, to improve your skills, and to be confident in dealing with foreigners.

So why don’t you use English speaking app for mobile as a powerful tool to help you study English at home? With the three unbelievable benefits below, you will probably feel sorry for ignoring this simple effective way of learning.

1 / Handy, study wherever you are

English speaking apps for mobile help you study anywhere

English speaking apps for mobile help you study anywhere

Mobile devices have become so familiar with many people that many applications are born to help people study English effectively anywhere. Most of these pre-installed applications have a friendly, easy-to-use interface. By just following the simple steps, you can sign up anytime. Thanks to that, even busy people can learn English online on mobile devices comfortably.

2 / Create high interactivity, content is diverse and receptive

English speaking apps for mobile help you study anywhereEnglish speaking apps for mobile help you study anywhere

A benefit that cannot be ignored when using English speaking app is the high-interactive feature that helps you improve your English level. Some applications may recognize your voice and instruct appropriate video lessons or practice with native speakers. In addition, content of the English applications are regularly updated with new grammar exercises, from sentence structures to vocabulary, communication… at all levels, from basic to advance. Besides, some applications are also designed with games to reinforce and enhance your knowledge, making you more comfortable in the learning process.

3 / Good quality and reasonable price

When searching where to learn English well, you are often afraid of the high cost. But with the installed English speaking app for mobile, you do not need to roll because most of them have very reasonable cost. The application for studying English on the phone helps you to access methods of learning English effectively and you can save money for yourself and your family. With these three unbelievable benefits, learning English by phone has helped many people improve their English level significantly. However, many people cannot distinguish between right and wrong. Listening to native speakers is a great way to do it, but it only works when you have a good ear. This is especially true for people whose native language do not contain sounds as in English.

Elsa speak – best English speaking app for mobile

Elsa speak – best English speaking app for mobile

ELSA stands for English Language Speech Assistant, which lets you practice standard English pronunciation with improved voice recognition and analysis capabilities. The fastest English speaking application is supported on both iOS and Android browsers. Elsa Speak is the most fast-paced English speaking practice for improving pronunciation of foreigners who live in English-speaking countries. Just open the app, pronounce a word, Elsa will automatically analyze how you pronounce the standard English.

On the application, you can choose different programs according to your preference, such as for travel or work. Each program consists of different groups of words and phrases. ELSA algorithms will analyze the voices to detect false pronunciations, suggest ways to correct details such as tongue twisting or moving the lips to speak the correct tone. These factors are the key to English speaking effectively

How to pronounce Elsa?

Elsa Speak is the best English speaking instructor. First, you can choose to listen to ELSA first, in which you should pay attention to the underlined words because they are the words you need to learn correctly. Click on the microphone icon to speak. In case you want to hear your voice, press the icon on the left of the screen. Once you have read the text, ELSA will check whether you have a standard voice by ELSA’s intelligent speech recognition capability. If you pronounce correctly, you will be given a score of 10 and the keyword will turn green. Through this quiz, ElSA will give you a rough estimate of how much you have pronounced like a native speaker so that you know your level. At the end of the first simple exercise, you will be trained in more advanced levels. The difficulty of each exercise is gradually increased.

From now on you can practice pronunciation at home with the fastest English speaking app for mobile – Elsa speak. Please make sure that your English pronunciation will be definitely improved with this appllication.

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